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miniBB version for smartphones, mobile / portable devices is released

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#1 | Posted: 3 Apr 2013 20:17 
The initial version of the long-awaited mobile version of miniBB is being released today.

Actually, it's just another pack of templates/layout/CSS, which runs on the same core as miniBB runs. It's already possible to check for about a year on, so I could say - it's a version which did run through active testing.

Now it's present in two versions:

- a free version is a basic set of templates, which allow to run basic functions of the forum

- a premium version is an extended set of templates, including some of the premium add-ons, and extra codes for additional functions of the mobile layout.

You may check for both, and also the for the full installation guide, visiting Mobile miniBB page.

Feel free to make reports and suggestions in this thread by now (we will create a standalone thread as soon as it may be required).

Author Jaime
#2 | Posted: 4 Apr 2013 11:32 
Thank you Paul! And without it, I tested the version, my order for the premium version is just gone out. With me so far each and every addon premium version has worked perfectly! And the current mobile version of miniBB will do so again - I am convinced now, but i will test all later :)

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#3 | Posted: 4 Apr 2013 12:20 
Thank you - this version was developed with the help of our customers from, so it was more up to their tastes and phones.
However I'd be curious to develop it further, collecting other responses or requirements.
Yours is most welcome! Keep on.

Author Jaime
#4 | Posted: 14 Apr 2013 11:05 | Edited by: Jaime 
Mobile miniBB page
This sub-domain should lead to the same forums folder as the primary domain. For example, '' points to the same folder on the same server, as ''.

This confuses me a bit .. I think this subdomain will point to the directory in which the forum is accessible ? (../forums) By your site from the root in the directory forums and NOT at the root ( Right, or ? Otherwise, I would understand the description so the subdomain to point to the root of your site,

Now i have a subdomain on my site, my[dot].com point to root/forums - the same directory as my full forums. Right ?

And my trial-version runs :)

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#5 | Posted: 14 Apr 2013 13:17 
Yes, there is meant that the sub-domain should point to the same forums folder as the primary forums domain. in our case leads to
I've fixed descriptions to avoid confusion, thanks.

Author Moony
#6 | Posted: 5 Jun 2013 08:46 
It's a pity, there is no Quote options for smartphones.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#7 | Posted: 5 Jun 2013 12:38 | Edited by: Paul 
It's a pity, there is no Quote options for smartphones.

I did it intentionally so far, because the most of devices we have checked, did not support the method which is provided for Quoting in miniBB.

If you want to check if it will work with your device, you may try to edit getQuotation function of templates/main_posts.html.
The current version lists:

if(t==1 && displayQuote=false;

Remove `` condition to try it out:

if(t==1) displayQuote=false;

Would be great if you report results here, mentioning your device.

Author wilkinsmd
#8 | Posted: 6 Jun 2013 14:12 
This is great news and I'm excited to try out the mobile version.

In reading the installation and configuration instructions I have a question, which is more of a Unix/Linux question than anything else, but hopefully you can provide some direction.

The instructions say:
So, the "mobile" version of any miniBB-based forums should run on a sub-domain. This is a mandatory condition, because the code for the mobile version will try to separate a sub-domain from the primary domain, and dynamically substitute another set of options. This sub-domain should point to the same forums folder as the primary domain. For example, 'm (dot) minibb (dot) com' points to the same forums folder on the same server, as 'www (dot) minibb (dot) com/forums'.

If web server has the following directories:

/usr/user1 - home directory
/usr/user1/www - root directory for www (dot) website (dot) com
/usr/user1/m - root directory for m (dot) website (dot) com

miniBB is installed in /usr/user1/www/forum.

If I want users to access the mobile version of miniBB from m (dot) website (dot) com/forum, would I create a symbolic link for /usr/user1/m/forum pointing back to /usr/user1/www/forum ? Or is there another/better way?


Author Paul
Lead Developer
#9 | Posted: 12 Jun 2013 12:29 
It shouldn't be a symbolic link. It should be a strict domain configuration, in your case the sub-domain which resides under m (dot) website (dot) com should be configured to run from the /usr/user1/www .

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 miniBB version for smartphones, mobile / portable devices is released
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