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Happy 2020, or Welcome to the new decade!

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#1 | Posted: 2 Jan 2020 16:24 | Edited: Paul 
Congrats to all survivors in 2020 - welcome to the start of a new decade, and Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020

Despite the Chinese Year of the Rat is going to start officially only in about 23 days (since today), most probably the major part of the world already started to celebrate it (including me - the party looks similar to the picture above :) ).

It's a good animal to be minimal, so miniBB, hopefully, is going to be continued in 2020. The major change in the upcoming version I am working out now, will be the authorization mechanism. We finally should leave the outdated MD5-passwords, changing them to something more secured. I'll also try to follow my little plan, extending the basic version with some more features, and providing bug fixes.

Besides of it, and I wish this to myself and everyone around, here's another plan of changes in 2020:

- Eat Less - Move More

- Drink Even Less Alcohol, or Stop It At All

- Consume Less - Optimize Expenses, in Result: Work Less

- Take Care of Yourself - Spend More Time with Family

- Start Something New to Learn or Implement

- Code with Passion!

Stay tuned with miniBB, and spread your wish here if you'd like it to come true :)

Author tom322
Active Member
#2 | Posted: 4 Jan 2020 22:16 
Happy New Year to Paul and the readers. I hope the Rat will finally bring some much needed change for the better.

Tip to protect from offline scams - when writing checks or dates on documents, make sure to use 4 digits, like: 08/24/2020 (not 08/24/20) because it would be possible for bad people to make the hear 20XX out of your 20 ; )

Author Henry Dudley
#3 | Posted: 25 Apr 2020 16:02 
Thank you, it was very helpful.

Author nagidapatrick8735
#4 | Posted: 7 May 2020 21:31 
2020 is nothing special , hope next year going to be my year

Author DigitalNorwegian
#5 | Posted: 1 Aug 2020 02:26 
It's only what you make it to be — myself I've launched 2 new businesses, where I had to cancel one of them, but the other one, Butikkene, is slowly gaining momentum. Looking forward to partaking in this forum and seeing how miniBB can add value to my company. And along the way help developing myself and others as business owners. Cheers, Thomas from Norway

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 Happy 2020, or Welcome to the new decade!
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