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How did "Team" get his/her cool.gif?

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Author Jeremy
#16 | Posted: 22 Oct 2003 15:45 
$userRanks=array(1=>'<img src="" width=75 height=75 border=0>');

You defined $userRanks with the avatar, then defined $userRanks again with a blank array. Just remove the second $userRanks line and the avatar will work.

I agree with Team's position on this: Sigs and avatars are pointless.

Author fribse
#17 | Posted: 24 Nov 2003 16:29 
Hi TinnyFusion

Well as a novice user of both mysql and php, I've set up quite a few minibb's by now on my netware server.
It works like a charm, as long as the right php version is used (Novell didn't implement all functions for some reason), so I can assure you that it's not in minibb the problem is, it's either 40 cm in front of the screen, or 40 cm below the screen :-)

Seting it up do take some time, but that's mostly because the mysql has to be configured first, and it has to be correct and in working order (phpmyadmin is an easy way to check this out).
Then the scripts has to be set up to reflect the site properly.
After that, there isn't much more to do.


P.S. No to avatars, go use phpbb instead for that.

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How To miniBB Support Forums / How To /
 How did "Team" get his/her cool.gif?
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