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Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#1 | Posted: 9 Dec 2015 23:25 

There is more than 7 billion people on Earth, and more than 195 countries, which I never ever been visited. Despite of it, I'm stuck in quite a little and non-meaningful town, thus often doing most of things under pressure, and thinking I'm making own decisions, at the time they belong to someone else. Additionally to that, I don't even know who I am.

This blog was created more like an example of miniBB showcase, bringing up what could you do with just a regular miniBB and some of little default extensions of it. This resulted in an annual novel, which was possible to finish only a year later. These stories included little fragments of my own life, the funny things I watched, and pieces of the informational field I was living in.

I've started with just a few fragments, and ended in the absolute strategy of how the annual blog should look like, what it should include, and what kind of formatting could it have.

All in all, I've concluded blogging is not the best part of whatever I could do, so you will see just a little experiement for 2014, and these stories will not be continued. I liked an idea, that a great mind will discuss ideas; an average mind will discuss events; and a low-grade mind will discuss people.

Watching the world around, I'm getting to the idea that blogging is still about average-to-low mind developing, and I'm more up to developing new ideas and approaches. That's why I preferred to finish writings once and forever, and since then will more concentrate on my regular jobs.

2015 will follow after 2014, and surely, there will be no events or people like they appeared in 2014; but it will definitely bring something new. But who knows, may be the history takes just a big spiral; at least I have the old USSR-times 1987 calendar, which fully repeats 2015 in all terms (because 1987 equals to 2015, actually):


If you have some comments to this blog, or comments to comments, you're welcome to post as a guest without registering; replying form is located at the bottom of each article, and after submitting it, you just need to solve a little riddle of a few letters and digits, identifying you as a human, not as an ET.

Enjoy your reading, writing, thinking of, and excuse me for being boring sometimes.

Enjoy each day in your life you spend, as well!


2014 miniBB Support Forums / 2014 /
 * Prologue / Epilogue
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