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Private Messaging Add-on update: exporting messages feature

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#1 | Posted: 22 Mar 2010 07:35 | Edited by: Paul 
PM plugin for miniBB has been recently updated to have an exporting feature, as well as bulk deletion of all messages.

Now it's possible for any forums member save his incoming or sent messages in HTML format. When you are in Inbox or Sent folder, you may export all messages just from these folders, or if you click "Conversations", it will export all messages from Inbox and Sent folders at once, sorting messages by date (i.e. it would appear like a "conversation" history).

Also, it's now possible by one click to empty Inbox or Sent, or Inbox and Sent altogether.

Here's how it would look in the default version, and also available now under minBB full demo:

PM export, bulk deletion

This feature has been sponsored by Latvian Girls forums.

For upgrading from the older add-on's version, just overwrite the following files:


addon_pmail_funcfl.php (only required to upgrade if you're using flat-files option of the add-on - mySQL module is not required to upgrade)

templates/addon_pmail_msgs.html - contains a new HTML form code and colspans; confirmDeleteAll function - upgrade manually if you have applied custom changes to this template

lang/pmail_eng.php or any other language pack - add new vars as they are listed at the end of default pack.

Just keeping to save time and resources with miniBB... enjoy :-)

Author astass
#2 | Posted: 22 Mar 2010 12:01 | Edited by: astass 
It has long been waiting for this addition. Now buy ... Tomorrow will translate money.

p.s. Paul, this module allows to admin panel to send mass messages?

Can my opinion? If you complement this module, so that will limit the letters would be great. For example, you can write no more than 25 letters. If he wrote 25, then he will have to delete unwanted messages, so that you can write new messages. And even as an option, give the administrator the ability to clean almost all users. This is sometimes necessary.
RUS (I ask you to forgive me for what I write in Russian. My English is terrible.)
Можно мое мнение? Если вы дополните данный модуль, тем что будет ограничение на письма, будет здорово. Скажем пользователь может написать не более 25 писем. Если он написал 25, значит ему придеться удалить ненужные письма, чтобы появилась возможность писать новые письма. И еще как вариант, дать администратору возможность очищать Почту у всех пользователей. Такое иногда необходимо.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#3 | Posted: 23 Mar 2010 03:46 
Yes, there is a limitation of received and sent messages set in add-on's options.

But there is no option to delete other user messages for admin. Actually, it's not admin's purpose to clean up the messages, users must do this on their own. Else it would take years for you to maintain the board ;-)

There is quite a simple schema of limitation - if you Inbox exceeds the limit, you won't be able to get new messages anymore, until you clean it up. So this is a good stimulation for users to constantly check their PM inbox and so constantly visit forums.

This add-on allows mass-mailing for admin as well.

Probably it's the most "sponsored" add-on amongst all add-ons we have ;-) If you want a new feature, we could develop it on a paid agreement.

Author Pari
#4 | Posted: 3 Apr 2010 11:57 | Edited by: Pari 
Is it possible to have the PM info/display embedded into the profile page of my main site, since I don't use the a profile pages of the forum. I have (thanks to your help Paul) the member's profile links/URL redirected to their profile page on my main site. It would be great if I could embed this on my main site.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#5 | Posted: 6 Apr 2010 04:23 
Of course that's possible, but it is up to a manual programming. If you mean kind of automated way, it is not available.

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 Private Messaging Add-on update: exporting messages feature
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