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miniBB 2.0 RC1f released

Author Team
#1 | Posted: 23 Dec 2004 17:35 | Edited by: Admin 
Main points: topic views column is back again; new option for disallowing usernames. Some bugfixes and little improvements found by our users.

You can read about all changes from 2.0 RC1a to RC1f in !_UPDATE.txt file, attached to installation archive.

Changes comparision: 2.0 RC1e - 2.0 RC1f
* setup_options.php: new array option $disallowNamesIndex (not obligate). Combined together with $disallowNames, allows to set list of prohibited usernames which cannot be used via user's registration. Example:


When registering, both arrays are checked; the difference is that registration script checks $disallowNames as word fragments, and $disallowNamesIndex as full words. For example, if you have:


users will not be able to register even under the name "badminton", because it contains the word inside $disallowNames. You need to put all exact words in $disallowNamesIndex.

Case doesn't matter in both arrays now.

* setup_options.php: new option $enableViews=TRUE; (not obligate). Because of many user requests, we put topic "Views" amount back, but you can disable it if you don't need this feature or it hangs up your database. If you are upgrading to RC1f from any of 2.x series, add new column in "topics" table, for example:

alter table minibb_topics add column topic_views int(10) default '0' not null after topic_time;

If you are upgrading from 1.x series, don't add this column. We have removed "drop" request from the !UPDATE_DB.sql file, so it will be kept in your database.

* bb_func_checkusr.php: new functions for checking $disallowNames and $disallowNamesIndex arrays in lowercase.
* bb_func_regusr.php: fixed bug with $closeRegister option.
* bb_admin.php: set_time_limit() issue
* bb_func_vthread.php: topic views issue
* bb_func_ldisc.php: topic views issue
* bb_func_vtopic.php: topic views issue
* bb_func_stats.php: topic views issue
* bb_functions.php: version change
* templates/manual_eng.html: updated
* templates/stats.html: topic views issue
* lang/eng.php: $l_stats_viewed re-added
* lang/eng.php: $l_stats_days_c changed back

* templates/main_last_discussions.html, templates/main_last_discuss_cell.html, templates/main_topics.html, templates/main_topics_cell.html: updated to have Views column again.

All new language packs for miniBB 2 were updated in English, so their authors could check the files and re-sent to us back again. We would be very pleased :)

Our forums are back with topic views again; but unfortunatelly, all old views results will not be shown. But this time, it's interesting to see again, what exactly topics rate our users interest ;)

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 miniBB 2.0 RC1f released
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