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Author Samuel Vignoli
#16 | Posted: 10 May 2006 19:57 
Hello I am interested in the possibility of adding subforums (2)


Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#17 | Posted: 12 May 2006 10:41 | Edited by: Ivan 
I worry (as ever when something is good :) ) the structure to become less stable, but may be with a 7th table in the database and the sub-forum to be sent there with some index related to its soecific forum - for example: if the forum ID is 3, the subforums to be 3-1, 3-2 etc.

However, I don't understant why are the sub-forums needed after you have super-titles. They can be as many as you want, and that's the same.

- Flutes
- Symphonies
- Hard-rock
- Rembrandt :)
- Pierre Cardin
- Dolce & Gabana

When you re-decide something in the structure, you can always to re-order the existing forums with new super-titles...

The sub-sub-sub is a structure for the short messages forums. They even aren't forums exactly and are not serious. "I tell you - you tell me - I tell you - you tell me - I tell you". I actually cannot now remember for a big BB software that has subforums. Yes, they have forum groups, but it's the same as here. You may be mess the software solution with its content, I don't know :) I know only that with the state now I could build the most complicated BB seen.

The more complicated is ever les clear and for the people will be hard to orient as well.

Or may be I don't see something.

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#18 | Posted: 12 May 2006 10:45 
Or may be with a sub-forums addon??? M???

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#19 | Posted: 12 May 2006 12:08 
I actually cannot now remember for a big BB software that has subforums

Of course, vBulletin or Simple Machines have something like that. But I doubt we can compare miniBB and vBulletin :-) Different software for different purposes.

The more complicated is ever less clear and for the people will be hard to orient as well.

I agree to this. Remember that we have had miniBB first version without subgroups at all, and it covered 50% of all needs. We've added subgroups, and now it covers 90% of all needs.

I doubt we will implement subforums, at least we have no plans on that currently. Subforums will require to update almost all engine scripts (viewing topics, threads, search, statistics... etc.) Now when we have closely to stable core, it's not the time to implement the thing needed for 10% of people. Sorry guys.

Addon? Well, it's more than possible. But this time, it's not clear how to make it independant from the core. Maybe I'll catch some idea in the future ;-) or anybody else could offer that.

Author Jamieg285
#20 | Posted: 16 May 2006 15:11 
I have found a small problem with the 'supertitles' - they only appear directly before the forum that you assign it to. If that sub-forum happens to be a private one, not everyone will see that supertitle.


User 1 can see forums 1,2,3
User 2 can see forums 2,3
If supertitle applies to all 3, User 2 won't see the title.

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#21 | Posted: 16 May 2006 15:57 | Edited by: Ivan 
You have many variants, the supertitles are very flexible:

1. To remove the supertitle from one forum and to put it to another. This is valid for every forum.
2. To change the place of every forum, too, up and down - at the bottom right side of the admin's forum setup page there are clickable arrows for that.
3. To put a separate supertitle of the hidden forum(s) - this is what many admins do, just to inform the visitors that thay aren't visible to the others.
4. You can even rename the forums - if you have your own very special order of the titles in mind - no problem.

Note, too, that 1, 2 and 3 are only forum's IDs - if you reorder the forums visually, nothing else, including the IDs, will be changed - you'll just see forum 1 under forum 3, for example.

I would suggest you the following simple thing:

a) firstly to name and to order the forums as you like mostly;
b) after that to put the sections supertitles regarding your need to separate the groups of forums.

You can after that make whatever new forums you want and put them wherever you find most convenient.


Author myarbro
#22 | Posted: 11 Jun 2008 21:32 
I'm looking for the same feature: subforums. You see, miniBB's minimalistic approach is OUTSTANDING in so many's clean, elegant, and easy to navigate. The only problem that I've encountered is the "flat" organization of main forums page eventually creates a problem by becoming very very long. It would be very nice to have just one more layer of depth (it's not necessary to have "threads" like a newsgroup or Gmail). That way the topmost level (main page) stays manageable. Otherwise one of the most important features "Recent Discussions" gets buried further and further down until the page until it's totally lost.

Does this make sense?

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#23 | Posted: 12 Jun 2008 03:22 
You can set amount of Recent Discussions shown under setup_options.php ($viewlastdiscussions setting). miniBB also have 'Supertitles' under managing a forum, but I think you already have noticed it (like here on our forums we have Generic, Advanced, Feedback and Test Forums as dividers of forums list).

However in this thread we discuss the 'real' subforums like what is presented in big software, when you have let's say 'Forum1' and under it's title on the first page there are listed 'Forum1_Sub_A', 'Forum1_Sub_B', 'Forum1_Sub_C', which are forum sections as well. This all leads to a lot of modifications of the code, and for the 'mini' it's a strange approach to create tens or even hundreds of such forums hoping it suits the case.

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