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Specify forum order manually

Author Vishal
#1 | Posted: 6 Jan 2008 22:41 
It would be nice if there was a more efficient way to specify forum order. For example, under the current scenario, if there are 20 forums and if you were to shift the newly added forum to second position, one has to click on the ↑ link may be 18 times. Instead, if one could specify numerically, it would make the job lot easier.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#2 | Posted: 7 Jan 2008 04:24 
As I remember the earliest versions of miniBB suggested something like this, but afterall there were a lot of requests about more friendly interface :-) It's a good suggestion though, but it lets me think of avoiding the errors when entering such order number manually and in general how it could work and look... because if you have created some forum, you may change its order number only swapping it with some other forum's number (that way all the orders should be kept in the ascending sequence).

Have you ideas?

Author tom322
Active Member
#3 | Posted: 7 Jan 2008 10:53 
In this aspect I think it works correctly so no need to fix it - especially that editing/adding/deleting forums is done not very often (I do use it maybe once a year - once the forum is set up, no touching is necessary ;).

Author Team
#4 | Posted: 7 Jan 2008 13:53 
I think too that it's better to click 20 times (or you're to lazy to click huh?.. ;-) else to bug the existing version...

Author Vishal
#5 | Posted: 7 Jan 2008 22:39 
A suggestion would be use Ajax wherein one does not has to wait for the page to reload, find the forum to move and click again.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#6 | Posted: 8 Jan 2008 05:35 | Edited by: Paul 
AJAX? :-) No thanks... No Ajax in miniBB, never :-D Or at least not for the purpose like this...

Author Vishal
#7 | Posted: 8 Jan 2008 23:36 
I have no idea how complicated Ajax is to implement but have been hearing lot of positive reviews about it. So I thought of mentioning.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#8 | Posted: 9 Jan 2008 04:01 
I would mention that I dislike AJAX technology at all... some of the AJAX modules could be heavier in size than the whole miniBB. Additionally it's just a fashionable technology and who knows how it will be changed during next years... so I would prefer to use the technologies which are not changing in time.

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