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edit setup_options.php , bb_specials.php in Admin panel

Author shapan
#1 | Posted: 8 Dec 2004 13:05 

Is there any idea about edit setup_options.php file in the admin panel?

or is it possible?

The same for bb_specials.php

Author Team
#2 | Posted: 8 Dec 2004 13:11 
BY this time you can edit this file only in Notepad or something like that.

Probably in the future we will develop kind of this addon, but only if it will be sponsored in full... too much job for a free script.

Author jussiava
#3 | Posted: 13 Jun 2005 01:32 

I've just downloaded minibb and I am very impressed! A brief look later a few questions sprung into mind:

In the manual it says that forum-specific moderators and subscribers to a forum need to be hand-edited in bb_specials.php? If so, could these arrays be moved to the DB as separate tables and edited by function calls instead?

Author Fritzek
#4 | Posted: 13 Jun 2005 08:47 
How often do you setup or change moderators definition? Not so often, right? IMO it is the same effort for you as an admin to edit short part of a file or to fill a form, but is a lot effort for programmer to build a function like this for a rare used task. on the other hand you're fixed to a certain functionality if it is defined in the db. the file gives more flex.

Author jussiava
#5 | Posted: 13 Jun 2005 09:20 
Thanks for the preview-tip!

how often do you setup or change moderators definition? Not so often, right?

More than that, I'm afraid, hence my request. Editing a text-file would be OK for a minibb with a couple of users, but it totally voids the possibility for any automation.

I'm just concerned, if I implement permissions&subscriptions myself by having bb_specials.php query the DB and filling the arrays, that this would be done on each page request (not sure how bb_specials.php is included and called yet) greatly slowing down minibb.

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#6 | Posted: 13 Jun 2005 09:23 | Edited by: Ivan 
This way is more secure and, as Fritzek tells, flexible - bb_specials.php. I remember also, Team said that is intended to rework the "Visual Specials" plugin for 2.0, so I think... this will give the needed comfort :)

Author Team
#7 | Posted: 13 Jun 2005 18:03 
Yes, there was a "Visual Specials" plugin for older version, where you are able to edit bb_specials.php through interface, CHMODing this file as 0777. It is absolutely no problem to rewrite these settings, so they are kept in database. BUT IT IS ADDITIONAL DATABASE REQUEST! Or even requests. As you might see, the most common options are ALL saved by hand - that gives a programmer a chance to work less, that's right, but this is the way these settings are OPTIMIZED FOR LOADING. They are loading VERY often - they loads each time when any forum's page loads, so they should be loaded FAST.

If you know PHP on a medium level, it is still very possble to use database request and load these arrays from database. That is what we call [n]non-core-destructive solution[/b]. bb_specials.php is your settings file - and could be edited ON YOUR WISH. Plus you may write additional interface to it, and share it on :-)

On another hand - if you are not a programmer, but want this - we are offering paid support for any custom work, related on miniBB, and could develop it for just sponsored price.

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 edit setup_options.php , bb_specials.php in Admin panel
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