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Special db_simpleSelect request

Author Anonymous
#1 | Posted: 23 Feb 2007 12:01 
Hi guys!
I have a question and I hope someone can help me...

How do i format the following mysql query with the db_simpleSelect function:

SELECT * FROM online WHERE status = '0' && isonline = '1'

I've seen several examples with the db_simpleSelect but i just can't seem to figure it out for the above and it's giving me a headache...

Can anyone help me please?

Thanks in advance


Author Paul
Lead Developer
#2 | Posted: 23 Feb 2007 12:15 
db_simpleSelect(0, 'online', '*', 'status', '=', '0', '', '', 'isonline', '=', '1)

Author Anonymous
#3 | Posted: 23 Feb 2007 12:41 
Hi Paul,
thanks for the speedy reply!

However i think i made a mistake with my question...
I have the following query:

$guests_online = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM online WHERE status = '0' && isonline = '1'");
$guests_online_number = mysql_num_rows($guests_online);

...and i'm trying to receive the $guests_online_number with the db_simpleSelect (so eventually it will display a number).

So with the above you gave me, where should i place the 'count' for counting the number of rows in the mysql 'online' table?

Thanks again!

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#4 | Posted: 26 Feb 2007 04:03 | Edited by: Paul 
$row=db_simpleSelect(0, 'online', 'count(*)', 'status', '=', '0', '', '', 'isonline', '=', '1);
$guests_online_number = $row[0];


db_simpleSelect(0, 'online', '*', 'status', '=', '0', '', '', 'isonline', '=', '1);
$guests_online_number = $countRes;

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 Special db_simpleSelect request
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