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Author Anonymous
#61 | Posted: 11 May 2004 23:39 
You have a mistake in the $main_url -> it should be minibb17, but you have it as minbb17 (without the i letter).

Add the i and it should be ok.


Author Anonymous
#62 | Posted: 12 May 2004 00:01 
Thankyou very much Kate. I put the letter i in his place and now Every thing works OK. The whole post messages display text and smalies fine.
Thankyou all guys for your help. keep this way ;)

Author Anonymous
#63 | Posted: 12 May 2004 00:15 
Glad to hear it's working now :) Have fun!


Author Anonymous
#64 | Posted: 9 Nov 2006 08:30 
Thank, I had the same error and fix it.

Author Thunderdeath
#65 | Posted: 29 Nov 2006 05:33 
I just tried to install the Smilie addon and it works fine. The smilies appears in the post window where i'm writing right now.
But when I post my message they don't appear like pictures, only like :confused: or something like that.

I saw the anser on this forum for this problem but my $main_url is OK.

Can anybody help me please ?

Thank you

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#66 | Posted: 29 Nov 2006 06:18 
Be sure you have pasted the code for bb_plugins.php file.

Author Thunderdeath
#67 | Posted: 29 Nov 2006 12:16 
yes I did it. Here is the code I pasted (it comesfrom the readme file):

/* Smilies addon */
if(($action=='ptopic' or $action=='pthread' or $action=='editmsg' or $action=='editmsg2' or $action=='pmail') or (isset($_POST['prevForm']) and trim($_POST['postText'])!='')) include ($pathToFiles.'addon_smilies2.php');
/* --Smilies addon */

Is it correct ? it's really strange

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#68 | Posted: 29 Nov 2006 12:55 
So, you also need to edit correctly smdesc.php file, if you define new smilies and their definitions. Unfortunatelly, at this point all my ideas are over... I'm sure this addon works 100% if correctly installed, so other support is out of our free time.

Author Thunderdeath
#69 | Posted: 1 Dec 2006 13:34 
okay, I deleted all files and folders of this smilie plug-in and installed with the default smilies. It works.
I replaced the GIF files with my own smilies (so they've got the same name) and it works too !!

Dunno, think I made some mistake when I changed the smilie bbcode.

Whatever, thanks for your help ;)

Author Moony
#70 | Posted: 3 Dec 2006 14:51 | Edited by: Moony 
I have problems with editing old posts with smilies after I have made changes in my database as you advice for xml-compliance. I think, the problem was with one of these:

update minibbtable_posts set post_text=REPLACE(post_text,' alt="">',' alt="" />') where POSITION(' alt="">' IN post_text)>0;

update minibbtable_posts set post_text=REPLACE(post_text,' border="0"','') where POSITION(' border="0"' IN post_text)>0;

Now when I edit an old post, I get this instead of ;) and other smilies:

<img src="http://www.indostan.ru/forum/img/smilies/sm015.gif" alt="" />

With new posts everything is OK.

I made a new installation, so I don't think the problem is with wrong editing.

It is strange, because in the source code the wrong and the right smileys look exactly the same (at least for me):

The wrong one from old posts: <img src="http://www.indostan.ru/forum/img/smilies/sm015.gif" alt="" />

The new one, which is ok: <img src="http://www.indostan.ru/forum/img/smilies/sm015.gif" alt="" />

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#71 | Posted: 4 Dec 2006 03:53 | Edited by: Paul 
Smileys HTML does not look exactly the same. The wrong one has 3 spaces between closing quote of image URL address and alt. There must be only one space, like with the right one. I don't know why it happened, or what did you do wrong... You should try to execute the following SQL statement:

update minibbtable_posts set post_text=REPLACE(post_text, '"[SPACE][SPACE][SPACE]alt=', '"[SPACE]alt=') where POSITION('"[SPACE][SPACE][SPACE]alt=' IN post_text)>0;

[SPACE] actually is needed to be substituted by natural space ([ ]). It looks in browser like there is only one space even if I put three. Be sure to insert spaces properly.

[SPACE] means ACTUAL SPACE, with no parentheses. It's like with Search & Replace function in any text editor... search for 3 spaces, replace by 1 space.

Author Moony
#72 | Posted: 4 Dec 2006 08:23 
With Paul's help I did it, but the problem was that there were 2 blank spaces instead of 1. Why it happened I don't know. So this may help those who face this problem. The way to correct this problem was I tried UPDATE indostan_forum_posts SET post_text = REPLACE( post_text, '"[ ][ ]alt=', '"[ ]alt=' ) WHERE POSITION( '"[ ][ ]alt=' IN post_text ) >0;

[ ] means just white space " "

Author Anonymous
#73 | Posted: 3 May 2007 00:27 

I use the smilies addon, but when anybody post a message the browser write this error:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare smilethis() (previously declared in /nfs/extra/s/sp/spongedoc/wwwroot/forum/addon_smilies2.php:11) in /nfs/extra/s/sp/spongedoc/wwwroot/forum/addon_smilies2.php on line 21

What's this?
How I fix it?


Author Paul
Lead Developer
#74 | Posted: 3 May 2007 04:36 
This error could mean smilethis() function is already declared via the script's execution. It could happen because of wrong installation or because you're including the addon_smilies2.php file twice somewhere.

Author Anonymous
#75 | Posted: 3 May 2007 06:36 
I include the addon in the bb_addons2.php too.

Thank you!

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