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Author harootun
#1 | Posted: 23 Jun 2007 09:15 
One question about the Polls addon (which i am going to buy regardless). Does it allow a user to change their vote until the poll is closed? I've seen this in other polls, such as yahoo, and am just curious.

Didn't see this info in the description, though perhaps I missed it.

Looking forward to adding this to my forum!

Author tom322
Active Member
#2 | Posted: 23 Jun 2007 11:12 
Does it allow a user to change their vote until the poll is closed?
Even if it was possible, I wouldn't like to implement it as it would lead to possible misinformation and manipulation ;).

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#3 | Posted: 23 Jun 2007 13:20 
It does allow to vote only once, without changes.

Author Denre
#4 | Posted: 26 Aug 2007 13:26 
Hi there,

You're talking about Polls and Surveys but how do the surveys work? In the example there are only polls?

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#5 | Posted: 27 Aug 2007 13:00 
Hmm... it is the question of what do you mean under "Survey" I suppose.

As far as I know (but correct me if I'm wrong) the Poll and Survey in the case of web are the similar terms, synonyms. When giving this add-on a title, I've researched the web a bit and discovered in most cases the same thing could be called "poll" or "survey" as well. They both have the similar algorithm in background: you give some question, people answer this question and that way the statistics are populated in common.

This add-on has actually two poll/survey options: you could set up so users could choose only ONE answer to your question (that would be a Poll), or they could give MANY answers (that would be a Survey).

Author tom322
Active Member
#6 | Posted: 27 Aug 2007 13:12 
I also think both terms are being used synonymously.. Here is a definition of differences between poll and survey:

A poll is as one-time, simple and quick question where users can usually respond with one mouse click. Sports and news sites are good examples that displays polls on their main pages. Surveys or questionnaires are more comprehensive forms that may include many types of questions and format types that are designed to extract information from the user in the most efficient way possible.


Author Paul
Lead Developer
#7 | Posted: 27 Aug 2007 14:06 
For sure Polls add-on is not pretending to be a complicated "surveys" addition, but something light could be created though...

Author harootun
#8 | Posted: 28 Sep 2007 18:04 
I was playing around in the test forum and don't see the "Create Poll" button anywhere. Am I blind and missing it? I see someone just posted a poll, so it's got to be there somewhere...

Author tom322
Active Member
#9 | Posted: 28 Sep 2007 22:32 | Edited by: tom322 
It's currently set for new topic only (you need to login and go to, for example, http://minibb.org/minibb-test.php?action=vtopic&forum=3&showSep=1).

Author MyFairTux
#10 | Posted: 29 Dec 2007 06:24 | Edited by: MyFairTux 
Hi :-)

I have installed the addon because I want to keep the polls completely in my forum - until now I have installed "Advanced Poll" with anonymous voting.

Ok, now I want to keep the results of my old polls in the polls of the forum.

Is it enough to write the old results by setting the corresponding "num_votes" column in "polls_options" table and change "total_votes" and "total_voters" in the "polls" table?

I did this and this seems to work - only the number behind polls title in the polls list is still "0" - can I set this number to the number of votes already given?
(the template says to include '{$total_voters}' there - taht is disturbing me :-)

Ok, I now found the location where $total_voters is finally set:
line 911 of addon_polls.php - after some data base operations and additions there is:

"else $total_voters=$total_votes;"

I deleted the "else" and now it works - but why do you add all the sql results instead of simply get $total_votes of the "polls" table entry?
I know I overlooked something - but what? :-)

Oh no - after voting the first time all values in polls_options are cleared and only the single vote is counted :-/

How can I keep my old results?

Thank you and a happy new year :-)

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#11 | Posted: 29 Dec 2007 11:40 
Your old results should be kept in 'polls_votes' table, each voting per each record (if I understood the question correctly). 'polls_options' just keeps the cached number of these records to not calculate it each time when needed to display.

Author MyFairTux
#12 | Posted: 29 Dec 2007 12:03 | Edited by: MyFairTux 
These are bad news ...

So I have to create the corresponding table rows of polls_votes by phpmyadmin. I don't know if there is a way to generate rows with fixed and incrementing cols automatically.
Do somebody know such a tool?

But thank you for the quick answer, Paul :-)
Extraordinary good service!


Author Team
#13 | Posted: 30 Dec 2007 11:55 
Without knowing what you mean by your "old results" and in which format you have them we are not sure how they could be transferred to fit miniBB structure. Most probably it would be possible to program a converting script which will do it for you ;-)

Author MyFairTux
#14 | Posted: 30 Dec 2007 12:57 | Edited by: MyFairTux 
With "old results" I simply mean polls results (of anonymous voters) of a poll I created with the (still?) popular php script "Advanced Poll", a kind of this:

200 votes total

100 votes for option 1
50 votes for option 2
25 votes for option 3
25 votes for option 4

Well, I found a simple and quick solution: creating an one-row CSV and copy this line in a simple text editor with the correct qids and "Gast" as voter as much as needed (so I got 100 lines with option 1 etc.) and insert this in polls_votes - works perfect :-)


Author MyFairTux
#15 | Posted: 2 Jan 2008 05:40 | Edited by: MyFairTux 
How can I disable the automatic deleting of my poll when deleting the posting?
Normally I only want polls in the polls list, but from time to time it could be nice to place them in a thread (to show voters behaviour etc.). But I don't want to loose all poll data when I delete this thread later.


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