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Editing post with "quotes in the subject" when $adminHTML is set to TRUE

Author witek@traffiqua .com
#1 | Posted: 20 Jan 2009 03:36 
There is a problem with editing posts which contains quotes in the subject (like this post). Probably the subject should be converted with htmlspecialchars before displaying edit form.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#2 | Posted: 20 Jan 2009 04:00 | Edited by: Paul 
All text entered in miniBB is already saved in database converted to HTML chars. I can't confirm your bug, on my side everything works correctly (as such basic operation works for years already, don't you think nobody would notice that for years? ;-)

Most likely you are trying to edit your own topic, but in miniBB, there is a special option which allows/disallows regular users to modify their topic titles. In that case you will simply not see your topic title in the editing form. Look in manual for $usersEditTopicTitle - it is set to FALSE in default package!

Author witek@traffiqua .com
#3 | Posted: 20 Jan 2009 04:39 
OK. You are right but I have found that you can repeat this error in the following way:

1. Set $adminHTML=TRUE in setup_options.php

2. Start new topic with quotes in the subject

3. Try to edit this post

The first step is the key. I had adminHTML switched on and it caused the problem with editing my own (I am the admin) posts.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#4 | Posted: 20 Jan 2009 05:05 | Edited by: Paul 
But of course... this setting allows you as an admin to post straight HTML code. What do you expect? If you type quotes as they are, they will mess with the form's HTML... in that case, you should type


Author witek@traffiqua .com
#5 | Posted: 20 Jan 2009 09:50 
I must agree with you :)

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#6 | Posted: 20 Jan 2009 11:00 
Setting this option really means admin knows HTML well. Good luck ;-)

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