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Christmas on the way! miniBB v. 2.0 RC5 "X-Mas" released!

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Author Moony
#16 | Posted: 24 Dec 2005 01:49 
I cannot make the new .htaccess format work. My index file is index.html. How can I change .htaccess accordingly?

Author Moony
#17 | Posted: 24 Dec 2005 03:02 
If you have mod_rewrite enabled, INDEX,FOLLOW tags will be shown ONLY for "static html" pages. There will be NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW tags for the same content .php pages.This solution is quite rude. Why not make all the links rewrite_mode-compatibe? For example, in user info we have links to users last topics and posts. The links all point to dynamic pages. Why not simply make them poin to static adresses? You close the user info page for search engines alltogether, although this page may contain some useful information for search engines. As "SEO maniac" I can say that this is not very good.

Author Team
#18 | Posted: 24 Dec 2005 17:13 
I cannot make the new .htaccess format work. My index file is index.html. How can I change .htaccess accordingly?

- so, your index file is NAMED index.html exactly? not index.php? If so, you just need to remove the line "RewriteRule ^index\.html$ ./index.php?mdrw=on".

As about not indexing user profile - we have did that because of: a) very many requests b) keeping user profiles private. Also, as another SEO maniacs, we could say - when you have many crosslinks around your site, it is also not really good. Search engine needs to index your document ONCE, and it will index it from the first page, going through these levels:

Links to topic listings -> Pagination -> Links to thread listings.

It is not difficult to get mod_rewrite URLs in user's profile back, but we doubt it is really necessary.

In general, ROBOTS tag function is extendable. In bb_plugins.php you may create your own version of $metaRobots variable, creating defineRobots() function, and define your own rules.

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#19 | Posted: 5 Jan 2006 16:52 
Team, excuse me that I post this here, but it's to avoid making unneeded new topic.

Do you think it's easy and useful to add a small option with 0/1 (or TRUE/FALSE) - the non-registered visitors to be allowed or not allowed to open the user's profile from under the user's name in the posts?

I think that sometimes somewhere could be better the personal information to be shown only to the registered members - e-mail, gender, web page, something written additionally...

Only a thought.

Author Team
#20 | Posted: 5 Jan 2006 19:57 | Edited by: Team 
Worth of thinking in the next release :)

But in general, we could release also such kind of plugin.

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#21 | Posted: 6 Jan 2006 10:18 | Edited by: Ivan 
It sounds to me more like an option: you entered with registration - you see the details of the other friends/members; you didn't enter and are not registered - you cannot see them (and respectively cannot contact others the way members can). Simply this.

It's similar to the other show/hide options.

But you are the programmer :)

Author Team
#22 | Posted: 17 Feb 2006 10:15 
We thought that we won't release this as a feature.

This simple code snippet will allow to hide profiles from anonymous viewing:

/* Restrict anonymous users from viewing public profile */
if($action=='userinfo' and $user_id==0){
$title.=$l_accessDenied; $errorMSG='Sorry! You are not allowed to view user profile until you are not registered member.'; $correctErr='';
echo load_header();
echo ParseTpl(makeUp('main_warning'));
$totaltime=sprintf ("%01.3f", ($endtime-$starttime));
if(isset($includeFooter)) include($includeFooter); else echo ParseTpl(makeUp('main_footer'));

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