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Setting up time difference / zones ( $timeDiff setting )

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Author DrizzlyBritman
#1 | Posted: 29 Jul 2003 01:03 
Hi, I'm in the UK, my server is in the US all posts show US time. I want it so they are in GMT.


Author Team
#2 | Posted: 29 Jul 2003 10:32 
$timeDiff in setup_options

Author DrizzlyBritman
#3 | Posted: 29 Jul 2003 15:03 

Is that minutes?

Author Team
#4 | Posted: 29 Jul 2003 15:14 
It is always nice to ->>> RTFM <<<--

Author DrizzlyBritman
#5 | Posted: 29 Jul 2003 15:22 


Author DrizzlyBritman
#6 | Posted: 29 Jul 2003 15:38 | Edited by: DrizzlyBritman 
OK sorted the time difference. 5 hours = 18000 but nothing has changed. posts are still showing 5 hours behind local time.

oops. nevermind, forgot to remove the //



Author Team
#7 | Posted: 29 Jul 2003 15:42 | Edited by: Team 

Author Anonymous
#8 | Posted: 13 Nov 2003 02:44 
I was able to go in reverse via:
I needed to go backwards since my server is in Hong Kong and my site is in CA. in USA. This fixed the date being a day ahead of most of my members.

I hope this might help somebody

Author manuela
#9 | Posted: 10 Feb 2004 09:17 
I want to change the time difference (I am one hour ahead of the default time).

I tried modifying it by changing //$timeDiff=25200; (I think I added one extra hour by doing this).

But it does not work.....

What am I doing wrong?

Author Team
#10 | Posted: 10 Feb 2004 10:28 
Uncomment the string (remove //)

Author manuela
#11 | Posted: 10 Feb 2004 15:44 
thank you, that solved the trick!

Author Ojlert
#12 | Posted: 20 Dec 2005 21:37 
Will it be very bad for the server and forum performance if one chooses to display a different time zone than the standard server time?

Author Team
#13 | Posted: 21 Dec 2005 10:39 
It will be not very bad, however, there are some additional resources requested. In general, what do you mean by "if one chooses to display"? We have no such setting for individual users...

Author tuvi
#14 | Posted: 21 Dec 2005 21:08 
Where do I change in the script... to be able to display two time zones side-by-side?

For example:

Posted: 20 Dec 2005 21:37 (18:37)

Author Team
#15 | Posted: 21 Dec 2005 22:40 
You can use parseMessage() function. Paste this in bb_plugins.php:

function parseMessage(){
$timeDiff=3600; //time difference in seconds
$GLOBALS['secondTime']=' ('.date('H:i', strtotime($GLOBALS['cols'][2])+$timeDiff).')';

then paste in templates/main_posts_cell.html:


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