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miniBB Skins

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Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#1 | Posted: 20 Aug 2007 12:13 | Edited by: Ivan 
Hi Paul :)

A minute ago I sent you the stuff that title says and hope users to like these skins. I find them fine and stylish but, of course, people are the supreme judge :)

Below I just copy the readme from the archive.

Ivan's Collection of Skins for miniBB 2

1. Autumn - brick, light grey and white.
2. Beethoven - deep red, light grey and white.
3. Casa de amor - dusty rose, light grey and white.
4. Concerto grosso - deep dark blue, light grey and white with deep red links.
5. Forest Cool - cold green, light grey and white.
6. Joy - light orange-pink-red, light grey and white.
7. Navarre - purple-lilac, light grey and white.
8. Nocturne - deep dark blue, light grey and white.
9. Pompei - Pompeii red, light grey and white.
10. Tristesse - dusty blue, light grey and white.
11. Tropic - deep dark green, light grey and white.
12. White Mist - dark grey, light grey and white.

All skins excepting No. 4 and No. 12 are in two variants - with links in the basic color
and with black links. The CSS files are named respectively. With color links they have
only the name of the style - bb_[name_of_the_style]_style.css. With black links
the name of the style is followed by the digit ‘2’ - bb_[name_of_the_style]2_style.css.
OnMouseOver all the links in both variants become black and underlined.

Additionally, all the styles can be modified, replacing the colors:

/* Topics/forums/threads content cell color #1 */ - light grey


/* Topics/forums/threads content cell color #2 */ - white

with other light and soft colors that suit to the basic one, for reaching even more
individual air.

Happy skinning!


Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#2 | Posted: 21 Aug 2007 02:06 
I'm sorry for the mistake. The skins in one variant are No. 4 and No. 12.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#3 | Posted: 22 Aug 2007 04:55 | Edited by: Paul 
Thank you for your work! The package could be downloaded now following this link:

Club Pierrot skins for miniBB forum

Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#4 | Posted: 22 Aug 2007 12:29 
You are welkome :) I, too, thank you for refining the package :)

Author Sergeusz
#5 | Posted: 7 May 2008 11:36 | Edited by: Sergeusz 
I've made a Forums Spring Skin for the newest version of minibb.

However it's my first attempt of doing such work, so maybe it's not too pretty.

What do you think about it?


Author Paul
Lead Developer
#6 | Posted: 8 May 2008 08:06 
I've checked the skin and removed the background image from 'pauthor' class. IMHO it's not needed there. I also have set the 'background-repeat' attribute for 'pform' class as 'repeat-x', else it produced not a nice result. I would recommend to pay you attention on how it looks under Mozilla Firefox and Opera: super-title rows on the first page have some kind of missing pixel, so their length is not actually equal to the length of the above rows (or at least it seems so). You may try to update my version and re-upload it under your account.

Overall it's nice work and something fresh. Thank you.

Author Sergeusz
#7 | Posted: 8 May 2008 14:14 
Yeah, I was trying to make a nice image in 'pauthor' class, but due to the fact that it is double, there are two images and one of them that is under user name looks not perfect and sometimes it's even hard to read user name.
I forgot about Firefox and Opera, next time I will test it in this browsers too.
I think that there is no need for re-uploading it under my account, everything is good ;)

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#8 | Posted: 9 May 2008 03:05 
everything is good

Yes - except this outline pixel in supertitles row... I remember when working on the new miniBB layout, I've spent a lot of time removing this pixel :-)

Author Sergeusz
#9 | Posted: 10 May 2008 11:17 
One more skin for minibb - forums fairy skin.


Author Sergeusz
#10 | Posted: 1 Jul 2008 11:12 
I've passed my entrance exams and now I'm ready to present you Forums Space skin for minibb.

May be it's too dark... :)


P.S. Paul, it seems that there are still problems with uploading files, path to which is in Russian ;)

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#11 | Posted: 3 Jul 2008 05:25 | Edited by: Paul 
I agree it could be called "black" as well :-) Anyway thanks a lot, it's appreciated.

Author Sergeusz
#12 | Posted: 12 Aug 2008 11:50 
One more skin!
It's devoted to Olympic Games: Beijing2008 skin.

And even after Olympic Games are over, you'll have a red-style skin, you need just replace images.


Author Paul
Lead Developer
#13 | Posted: 13 Aug 2008 03:07 
Thank you! Astonishing work, as always :-)

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#14 | Posted: 20 Feb 2009 04:23 | Edited by: Paul 
Check our EXTRA-MINI skin for your miniBB forum - even thinner than the previous miniBB version, and highly compatible with the modern social networks interfaces :-)

Xtra-mini skin preview

Available to check live on our demo forums (click "Paint It Yourself" icon at the top right corner, follow the description and click the proper link).

Author Santocool
#15 | Posted: 8 Mar 2009 13:00 
Hey I would like to use the same skins you are using in miniBB demo forum? where is it? how can I get it?

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