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Spoiler add-on updated (2) »
September 9, 2016
Advanced Anchors add-on released (0) »
June 27, 2016
miniBB 3.2.2 released: now presenting Premoderation 2 add-on, and a few other nice updates (6) »
June 25, 2016
Last Visit add-on released (1) »
June 18, 2016
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What is miniBB?

miniBB® is a standalone, open source program for building your own Internet forum, it's free to download and highly customizable. MiniBB is not a clone of any existing forum software, it's written from scratch with the base of native and original PHP code. Comparing to the other message board software available on the market, miniBB just brings what it's created for: an easy, lite, and speedy quick forum. If you want a simple and stable community attached to your existing website at the deepest integration level, incl. the customization of the layout to the look of your website, or even synchronizing with the existing membership system, you've just came across to the best forum software, developed exactly for such purpose.

What may it bring to You?

The live Bulletin Board, or so called "Forums" attached to a business-oriented website or personal blog, may help to discuss and solve questions and problems, bring different people up for the definite purpose, collect more targeted audience around You and your company. But even if you'd like to run a standalone forum, miniBB have examples of biggest communities, handling millions of posts, thousands of users and gigabytes of daily traffic run on average hardware. This software may also let you earn with contextual advertising programs: its clear and optimized code brings blazing results for the search engines optimization (SEO). To this point of reliability, quick guest posting and fast moderation will help to grow your forum rapidly.

How would it stand up to the competition?

In any area, it's important to be different, and miniBB should satisfy everybody in the aspect of providing a unique forum. Our Gallery and Showcase show just few examples of how this program could be adjusted to fully match your website and tastes, at the time keeping possibilities of instant upgrades. You may build your own version of the core in seconds, using the revolutionary auto-compiling tool, or manually add only those extensions and functions required by your community, that way combining a low-cost solution with enterprise features. Check our full demo page to see all major features you forum may finally have plugged-in.

How Forums compare to a Social Network?

The majority of modern users, tied up to the Facebook or whatever social network, may not even imagine an another life of the Internet. Their questions could be like: What? Forums?.. Do I really need to check this out?.. And the answer is simple: Yes! To the opposite of clumsy UX, forums provide more possibilities in not just advanced posting, but also allowing to read, track, and search the information, which has been collected and archived even for years. While you could run a social group for marketing, try to install and run your own forum for SEO content and profits - this is a method, which brings you all the control of how you earn and learn from efforts invested. And - miniBB is a great start here, because it's easy for novices, and in some ways looking similar to the basic interface of a social network, yet providing everything for a dynamic and content-rich discussions.

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