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Real Forums based on miniBB

Below goes a list of forums which are using miniBB. This list includes the only sites which were oficially declared via miniBB direct contact form. It just means miniBB is used by much more wider web projects. For example, visit our Forums Showcase thread - you may also add your link there at no charge; view some cool design integrations of miniBB in our Gallery; search for miniBB link in Google and discover many other links to sites and forums which are using miniBB or referring to it.

Sites below are listed chronologically in order of appearance. We are regularly cleaning up expired sites. Last clean-up was on July 8, 2014.

We are not responsible for the content which is produced by miniBB on other sites. miniBB is a backend for building the content, but not the content itself.

If you know a forum not listed here - send us its URL, forums and website's title, description and direct miniBB-link, and we will possibly add it. This will help your forums to get more traffic. Please note: we will add only active & running forums, which have at least 100 unique postings. We will verify your forums before adding. We don't want dead or suppose-to-be-dead sites appearing here.

Site Added on Direct link Language Other
Polanda January 12, 2016 Polanda Archives English Archived Discussions and Classified Ads from Polish Forums
EssayChat January 20, 2011 EssayChat threads English Discussions and free classified ads for freelance essay writers, website owners, and students.
Gootti.net July 13, 2009 Goottifoorumi Finnish Forum for goths and like-minded people
Integrex Machinist Nov 3, 2008 Integrex Machinist Community English Forum to help machinists who program and run Mazak Multitasking machines
INQB8R Jul 14, 2008 INQB8R Community English Showcase music directory
Essay Writing Scam July 3, 2006 Essay Scam forum English Information about fraudelant academic essay writing companies and cheating students.
Gratis Poker Jan 25, 2006 Poker forum Swedish  
Polish Forums Nov 29, 2005 Poland and Polish news English Polish Community and Poland Online.
Amateur radioscanning and special radiosystems Jul 17, 2005 Radioscanner forum Russian One of the biggest radioscanning resources and information database on related subject in .ru zone
Musicians Community October 11, 2004 Cifra Club forums Brazil Biggest miniBB forums in 2005-2006 - over 2 mln. postings
Cuckold Place August 26, 2004 Free Cuckold Community English Cuckold community
Montreal Fireworks February 6, 2004 Montreal Fireworks Forum English, French Montreal International Pyromusical Competition
RC.N Home of Radio Contesting! November 17, 2003 RC.N forums English Site devoted to Amateur Radio contesting (aka, "radiosport").
Prolixear June 13, 2002 prolix talking Russian Very private opinions on music, gigs and, all other around us. The oldest miniBB forums known!
What forum owners say about miniBB: I love your forum script. I implemented one of it a back ago and it runs very good. I needed a solution that takes less resources and very simple. I also needed a way to be able to connect it with my existing user table. Your forum did just all. as written by... zxedxz
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