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miniBB version 3.5 is going to be released soon

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#1 | Posted: 22 Mar 2021 14:52 
As you may notice, on miniBB front page the «Current version» now appears as: 3.5 [Coming Soon].

To avoid confusions, I'd like to note in short, that this version is now under testing, it is installed here, on this forum, but it's not yet released officially — under Downloads, only the prior release is available.

The new version should come up in about couple of months since this tiding. If you'd like to install miniBB immediately, you could download version 3.4.2, and then upgrade; but if there's no rush, I highly recommend to wait for a new release. Of course, this note is for those only who'd like to install miniBB from scratch.

In addition to the basic package, I must work out a lot of stuff in the add-ons, compiler and re-build the miniBB Demo, so besides of the initial release, there would be a lot of extra work.

The major improvement in the miniBB ver.3.5 is a tension to be compatible with PHP 7.x, incl. PHP 7.3. and 7.4, and most hopefully it would be also compatible wit PHP 8.0, as reviewing the changes log for PHP 8.0 didn't give me some obvious major changes or deprecation of older functions, which would make the newer miniBB incompatible with it. Extensions for the full mySQL support (utf8mb4 mode) in the newer mySQL versions would be also available. Despite of it, this release would be still compatible with PHP starting with version 5.2 and older versions of mySQL with the basic utf8 support.

This release will also include a lot of new stuff and bugfixes. One of them is the «Watching» feature, which will replace the Favorites add-on, and would allow to monitor new replies since latest reading in selected topics. Another function is a try-out to prevent brute-forcing on login attempts. Finally, there would be some new options to handle more appealing typography of miniBB posts. For example, regular dash like '-' would be auto-converted to ' — '. The same for quotes — while you could type the regular single quotes like ''...'', they would be converted to curly quotes like « and » or whatever specified (these replacements would be optional).

Version 3.5 and its possible series would be the last in the releases of miniBB, which would contain the authorization based on md5-based-cookies. In miniBB 4.0, I've planned to recode the authorization mechanism to support more secured and hash-based sessions.

As soon as the new version is published, and all extra adjustments done, I'll drop a new note about it; stay tuned.

Author RealBroChris
#2 | Posted: 4 May 2021 02:05 
That's great news!

Author a63548
#3 | Posted: 13 May 2021 07:58 
I am super excited for the new release as well! Can't wait to try it out :) Thank you very much.

Author Paul
Lead Developer 
#4 | Posted: 13 May 2021 21:30 
It's on the way. The local version of all stuff is ready; I've upgraded the Demo Forums to the core v3.5 and all the add-ons which will be updated among this release. Testing is welcome there.

This forum is also updated to the latest versions of files, despite it still keeps the 'coming soon' note in the version stack.

The package itself should come in a couple of days. Just a few details to polish left. Stay tuned.

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 miniBB version 3.5 is going to be released soon
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