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implementing dividers in the forum listings

#1 | Posted: 13 Oct 2006 19:49 
i have like 6 forums, but there's no cool divider like you see on this site.
I mean, it just lists the 6 forums I can't give them a category header.
Do i have to write this myself or is there a mechanism to enable this feature?
i don't think your forums have categories, and there's no way in the templates (that I can see) to enable this, so I would guess that i have to write it myself.
is this really the case.....................
thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!

#2 | Posted: 13 Oct 2006 20:19 
okay, the answer is in the forum_group.
Put your forums in a forum_group and set their sort order accordingly in the database table called minibbtable_forums. put all your related forums in the same forum_group.
Then, magically, it will appear.
If you have a problem in your version (which I did) whereby the forum_group name appeared above each and every forum, you need to change the file bb_func_vforum.php and add the following code:

$doneArr = array();
............. the sixth field in the selection loop is the forum_group, so......
if ($cols[6]!=''){
if (in_array($cols[6], $doneArr)) { // if we have already shown the template for the forum_group
if ($debug) echo "in_array doneArr<br>"; // do nothing
} else {
array_push($doneArr, $cols[6]);
$list_forums.=ParseTpl(makeUp('main_forumgroup')); // parse template which presents forum_gruop as a header inthe forum listing

that's it, as far as i can see.


Author Ivan
Advanced Member
#3 | Posted: 14 Oct 2006 03:24 | Edited: Ivan 
miniBB has supertitles instead - which work as dividers. If I understood correctly what you mean and want.

The supertitles are to be put in the Admin Panel -> Forum Setup (or Setup Forum :) ).

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#4 | Posted: 16 Oct 2006 03:28 | Edited: Paul 
Congratulations: you have solved a non-existing problem.

This feature is called "Super-title", and each supertitle is available under forums editing section of admin panel. You can specify a super-title for some forum, and it will look like a "group". This feature is built-in, nothing additional to program is needed.

How To miniBB Support Forums / How To /
 implementing dividers in the forum listings
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