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I cannot seem to install miniBB

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Author Paul
Lead Developer
#16 | Posted: 4 Jan 2015 13:38 | Edited by: Paul 
This forum has an anti-spam feature, which prevents new users from posting working url's in their first number of posts.

Yes, and we don't have to know about your URL, temporary in most cases, until it is completely necessary. We don't have to go through the bushes of the code you have on your server, so you don't have to post it here. It's not our task.

RLS, you have posted so much a lot, but the first thing is very explained in our Forum Posting Rules. We are here to answer only specific questions, help to fix software bugs and not complete a job instead of you for free. This software is in your hands, it works, and it's up to you how you learn new things.

Author RLS
#17 | Posted: 8 Jan 2015 07:02 
Well, I wasn't typing a URL yet it wouldn't let me post. I spaced it out and changed everything I could yet nothing helped. I wasn't here to get the job finished by someone else. My problem was due to where I copied the files which should have been the HTML folder which wasn't explained in the manual. I tried to tag my issue along with the last topic because they were very similar which I guess only makes sense to me. I'm not tying to be difficult but I guess it ain't easy being green. Sorry, if I'm an active participant.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#18 | Posted: 8 Jan 2015 11:32 
Each server has a different configuration regarding where you should put the files for getting them to work, you need to refer your hosting service for that and not our manual, which simply coulnd't explain that.

We may try to answer your questions and that's not about your activity - we just expect questions to be formed in a manner they could be answered; we have no ideas so far what and where did you apply your changes and what could be the problem. The first thing you shall understand that miniBB is a standalone software and it supposes some extra knowledge on your end what it is for, how it could work for you and it also expects bits of your experience, it's not click-and-go app.

Author marsbar
Associated Member
#19 | Posted: 9 Jan 2015 01:55 
My problem was due to where I copied the files which should have been the HTML folder which wasn't explained in the manual.


There is a difference between your home directory and your web directory/web-accessible directory.

The home directory is mostly for more advanced users who need a secure location for non-web-accessible files.

The web directory is less private than your home directory, because the files in the web directory are meant to be for others to access--well, generally the permissions are set to allow the 'world' to view, but not to modify your files). By access, I mean people can view files in your web directory via your web site or directly by individual file names if known.

So, essentially, everything you wish to published to the Web for others to see, it needs to be placed in the web directory. So, if your web host has set up your web directory to be "HTML" (make sure you don't rename it!), transfer your unzipped miniBB files to there.


yourHomeDirecotry (however your host has set it up to be called)
|----your private files sit here
|----HTML (this is your web dir!)
|----minibb sub-directory 1
|------minibb sub dir 2 ... etc.

How the default directories (i.e., your home dir and your web dir) is named varies from host to host. Some hosts label their web directories (common ones include public_html, html, web, docs ... etc)--only your web host can tell you. :)

Paul, based on RLS' experience and feedback, perhaps you would consider mentioning 'web (web-accessible) directory' in the official manual in the suggested manner below.

Currently the manual reads:
You should transfer all miniBB package files and folders to the place under your hosting, where you would like to see your forum running. Use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client for that; hereby you should have FTP access (login and password) to the server. If you don't know what is FTP and how to use it, try to search the web first. Use a qualified FTP client program for this purpose, because files should be not broken or binary-converted when transferring on the server. Our FTP client recommendation is Total Commander.

Perhaps update it to read:
Using an FTP client software, transfer all unzipped miniBB files and folders to a sub-directory (e.g. forum) within your web directory. It is assumed you have the necessary access to do the transfer, it not, contact your web host.
The FTP client software we recommend is Total Commander.

Just a suggestion. :)

With warm greetings from summery Australia --

Author marsbar
Associated Member
#20 | Posted: 9 Jan 2015 02:04 
Sorry, RLS, the tabbed spacing all got wiped upon submitting my previous post. Here is the example as I had intended:

your server
--yourHomeDirecotry (probably shows your account name. This is where your private files live.)
-------HTML (this is your web dir.)
-----------------minibb sub-directory 1
-----------------minibb sub dir 2 ... etc.

Hope you get the idea. :)
All best -

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 I cannot seem to install miniBB
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