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Author Anonymous
#46 | Posted: 2 Aug 2004 00:07 
at the piranho boards! one user have rate this...

Author MonkRX
#47 | Posted: 1 Sep 2004 11:18 
On an FYI: miniBB isn't in ZDnet's favorite list anymore.


And in another topic, I heard about miniBB 2.0. Only 1.7 is on

PS: I never sign up for a forum and post once. I never forget them either.

Author Team
#48 | Posted: 1 Sep 2004 11:25 
miniBB isn't in ZDnet's favorite list anymore
We even didn't know that it was. What is it, this "ZDnet favourite list"?

I heard about miniBB 2.0. Only 1.7 is on
1.7e is the latest and the most stable version. 2.0 is not yet released.

Author MonkRX
#49 | Posted: 1 Sep 2004 23:36 

13 posts above this, I was the author.

Apr 9, 2004 01:37:29.

I meant Cnet, ZDnet is part of Cnet...

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Author Thomas
#50 | Posted: 14 Sep 2004 13:13 
Was looking for a board that worked on postgresql and found miniBB by using +postgresql&btnG=Search


Author elr
#51 | Posted: 7 Oct 2004 00:56 
I was a some forum, perhaps it was wordpress can't remember now, and thought what a great looking clean board. Clicked through and found miniBB. Just recently installed it for a friend. It's lovely.

Author lime
#52 | Posted: 8 Oct 2004 00:07 
Yes I love it too =). I was looking for a simple, customizable board. I was previously using an ikonboard and it was clunky and hard to just change colours even. With MiniBB you can change colours in 2 seconds (or however long it takes to update your stylesheet) =)

I don't remember how I found it, might have been extensive searching at Google.

Author Boris
#53 | Posted: 29 Oct 2004 00:06 
I've been looking for a "free php board" that had nothing to do with phpBB, IPB, vBulletin.... so I found miniBB, and I was thinking "Uh, this sounds new".

miniBB it's fantastic! Keep it up! :)

Author Krunch
#54 | Posted: 1 Nov 2004 22:46 
Found it on Wikipedia: "Today featured article" was the WWW with a diagram of Wikipedia links and miniBB was there.

Author Team
#55 | Posted: 2 Nov 2004 10:23 
Cool :) It's in a middle of left top part of this image.

Author Eloff
#56 | Posted: 4 Nov 2004 06:34 

Author Anonymous
#57 | Posted: 4 Nov 2004 20:00 
I found it on of course!! :)

Author Bap2703
#58 | Posted: 21 Nov 2004 04:19 
I found it on Framasoft too
I was bored of phpBB and I was looking for something clean and i found miniBB

... the clean thing transformed in an awfull thing when i decided to edit the CSS with my big fingers :D

Author Anonymous
#59 | Posted: 23 Nov 2004 05:22

Author Chov
#60 | Posted: 31 Dec 2004 03:20 
"googled" -> open source board

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