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Custom Rankings

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Author Paul
Lead Developer
#16 | Posted: 9 Apr 2007 15:49 | Edited by: Paul 
So report please which way you got it... ;-) Else your postings seem to be very unuseful.

Author kelen
#17 | Posted: 11 Apr 2007 08:17 
:-) Ok, if i make moderator, automaticaly he has Moderat in rank and my custom rank function. But if i make some user for example
admin have :
nick : kelen
rank : Administrator
custom rank : private

moderator have :
nick: kelen
rank : Moderator
custom rank : private

but if i define new rank (in bb_special.php)
nick : John
rank : scout

then custom rank does´nt function....and i dont know why ....

Author Team
#18 | Posted: 11 Apr 2007 11:39 | Edited by: Team 
If it doesn't function it only means you're specifying it incorrectly.

The custom rank overrides everything, incl. moderator and administrator titles.

Look at my "member link" - this pic is specified via custom rankings too.

The same with the solution discussed - if you have custom rank defined in $userRanks for certain user, it will override the solution's results.

Author Andrewww
#19 | Posted: 5 Jun 2007 13:15 | Edited by: Andrewww 
The same with the solution discussed - if you have custom rank defined in $userRanks for certain user, it will override the solution's results.

Is there any way to have custom rank defined in $userRanks for certain user and it will NOT override the solution's results, but it shows together?
English is not my native language, so please be tolerant if it is answered here.
Thank you

Author Andrewww
#20 | Posted: 5 Jun 2007 14:29 
I finally manage to find out, what confuses me all the time. It was this line in custom ranking solution:

elseif($GLOBALS['cols'][0]!=1 and !isset($GLOBALS['userRanks'][$GLOBALS['cols'][0]])){

a changed it this way:

else {

and everything is ok, exactly as I wanted it to have.
Thank you for your patience

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#21 | Posted: 6 Jun 2007 06:15 | Edited by: Paul 
I finally understood what you would like to achieve. Yes, this solution by default does not display Custom rank based on number of postings, if higher level rank is already set in $userRanks. Personally I am finding it's logical, because what if you set the user ID in $userRanks, it means this user has some kind of "special privileges" or "special level" and it doesn't depend on the amount of postings he makes.

The code you suggest works right - but as discussed above, it also will enable displaying posting rank for the admin. If you would like just to remove $userRanks condition, the code should be


Author panatan
#22 | Posted: 26 Mar 2009 15:59 
Hi all !

Since few days i'm trying to display Avatar add-on and "Custom Rankings" solution results in the same time.

But like i have read it in few posts, information from first override information from second.

My question is : is it possible to display both in the same time ?

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#23 | Posted: 27 Mar 2009 05:55 
This solution is fully compatible with Avatars, as you may see on our test demo. Locate threads posted from accounts different from "Test_Admin" and "tester" to check.

But like i have read it in few posts, informations from first override informations from second.

I don't get this - where exactly have you read it?

You shall keep in mind that the Custom rankings solution is not displayed for admin account, and it will be not taken into attention, if some user is tied up with the definition of $userRanks from bb_specials.php.

Author evan
#24 | Posted: 28 Aug 2011 17:05 
Hello. I have a question, how to make a custom rank for all moderators?

i tried:

function parseUserInfo_num_posts($val){
if($GLOBALS['action']=='userinfo') return $val-$GLOBALS['row'][10];
elseif($GLOBALS['cols'][0]==1) { $rank='Administrator'; }
elseif($GLOBALS['isMod']==1) { $rank='Moderator'; }
if($val>=1 and $val<=50) $rank='Level 1';
elseif($val>50 and $val<=100) $rank='Level 2';
elseif($val>100 and $val<=200) $rank='Level 3';
elseif($val>200 and $val<=400) $rank='Level 4';
elseif($val>400) $rank='Level 5';
return '<span class="txtSm">'.$rank.'<br />Post(s): '.$val.'</span>';


It doesn't work. Please help.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#25 | Posted: 29 Aug 2011 12:46 
What miniBB version do you have? It will not work for older releases. For the newer releases, it should work though.

Author evan
#26 | Posted: 29 Aug 2011 16:16 
What miniBB version do you have?

the version i downloaded from this website, i think it's 2.5a

the code above only display the ranks if i use a moderator account.

Author evan
#27 | Posted: 30 Aug 2011 16:07 
What is the differences between:

$GLOBALS['isMod']==1 and
$isMod==1 and
$GLOBALS['mods'] ?

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#28 | Posted: 30 Aug 2011 20:29 
Calling these variables from the function, you need to refer to $GLOBALS. But in the case of calling them in a regular script, you may refer to the direct variable.

I'm not sure if $GLOBALS['isMod'] is available in that function in your version. Try to debug it, 'echo' it and see the result. Hard to say what's wrong...

Author epixeltechno
#29 | Posted: 15 Sep 2011 14:01 
I got the solution with this elseif(!isset($GLOBALS['userRanks'][$GLOBALS['cols'][0]])){

Thanks paul

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 Custom Rankings
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