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Author Team
#31 | Posted: 6 Dec 2004 13:42 
No, this is ok, really :) You can have your own changes with no problems, but we cannot help you anymore further after that. After the original code was touched. You touched it, not us :)

Author Samuel Vignoli
#32 | Posted: 6 Dec 2004 13:45 
ok, i got the point.

but I think I didn't touched last discussions' module. I was wondering it was a configuration conflict. I'll work on that. Thank you

Author Team
#33 | Posted: 9 Dec 2004 17:33 
Changes comparision: 2.0 RC1d - 2.0 RC1e
* bb_func_usernfo.php: fixes in displaying user last posts. Added "limbb" class to <ul> tags.
* bb_default_style.css: added .limbb class for displaying lists in userinfo.
* setup_options.php: new option //$mod_rewrite=TRUE; Set if you want your main forum links displayed in "mod_rewrite" style. Only for Apache server! OBLIGATELY read our manual for more before using this option.
* bb_func_ldisc.php, bb_func_vtopic.php, bb_func_vthread.php, bb_functions.php: mod_rewrite issues.
* index.php: post-only forums issue.
* manual_eng.html: updated mod_rewrite issues

Author cakeman
#34 | Posted: 14 Dec 2004 18:26 
$version='2.0 RC1d';

That is what I read when I download the latest version (2.0 RC1e). That is why I don't know If I have the latest version :)

Author Team
#35 | Posted: 15 Dec 2004 10:19 
bb_functions.php file contains just version change number (no important issues). So replace it and you should see.

Author cakeman
#36 | Posted: 15 Dec 2004 13:31 
I am afraid but I am not sure taht there is the RC1e in the download section. In fact, the evolution (like .limbb class in bb_default_style.css or the new manual ) are not present in the dowload version ...

Author Team
#37 | Posted: 15 Dec 2004 13:46 
Thanks for the info. Now it's there.

Author Fritzek
#38 | Posted: 28 Dec 2004 10:41 
It's done. Got minibb2.0RC1f live, up and running. It tooks me 3 hours to migrate from 1.7. I've used an alternativ migration path: installed from scratch on a test instance, made all my changes, migrated the DB, testing, made a DB backup, renamed the production directory, copied over the new directory, ran upgrade and conversion scripts against DB, changed the rss part and - it works.
Ok, this way is applicable if you have not too much touched in standard code. But was cleaner then hacking all the templates (tried this before and result was a scrambled layout ;-)
Let me say thanks at this point for your great work and effort.
If you want to have a look at the new version: http://www.copypolice.de/forum/
(main audience is german, so it might be hard to read)

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