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moving / transferring miniBB to another hosting server

Author RAAN
#1 | Posted: 16 Mar 2004 00:59 
After transfering MiniBB to a new server, it doesn't work : You get only a "Still no Forums?" error message !

However, we exported from the old server all the MiniBB files and the DataBase infos, which were all transferred to the new server,
exactly as they were before.

"Setup_options" file was correctly updated,
(at least we believe).

=> Why this blockade ? What should be done more in order to transfert MiniBB from to a new server ?

We spend a lot of time to succeed the 1st installation of MiniBB,
and now it seems blocked , with all data and numerous posts inaccessible !

In comparison, a "phpBB", or "Invision" new installation can be made, in the new server, just by pressing a button ! Because he has prepared everyhing.

But we don't want to lose our Data and Posts created in the past by using MiniBB, and we'd like not to be obliged to abandon MiniBB.

So, please, urgently HELP !

Author Pille
#2 | Posted: 16 Mar 2004 09:01 
Hmmm... I moved my forum to a new location about a week ago with no problems.

Are you sure you changed everything you need in the setup_options file?

Author Team
#3 | Posted: 16 Mar 2004 10:18 
Probably, table definitions are still incorrect.

Author Oakie
#4 | Posted: 16 Mar 2004 10:37 
I also had this problem with "Still No Forums" using miniBB 1.7d and the system would not let me log in.

after 1/2 an hour of fiddling with it, I succeeded when I set these 3 items in the setup_options.php like this:


Try it and see if it helps you too. worked wonders for me.

Author Team
#5 | Posted: 16 Mar 2004 10:48 
Cookies do not affect "Still No Forums" error.

Author Anonymous
#6 | Posted: 17 Mar 2004 03:10 
The "Still No Forums" error message blocks the Internet address : "http://yoursite/mbb" That's where all mbb web files have been transferred.

But the New DataBase's name is no more "mbb", as in the old server, but a different "NewDBName".

Could this be a cause for that strange blockade, or not ?
And, if yes, what should be done (considering that renaming the new DB is theoretically possible, but would require an enormous amount of too heavy changes also inside the related data).

As for the "setup uptions" file, yes we think that eveything noted in MiniBB Installation Guide has been done. Is there anything more to do, in case of transfer ?

As for "Table Definitions", what's the point ?
We didn't change anything during transfert, neither mbb files, nor data.

Author RAAN
#7 | Posted: 17 Mar 2004 03:15 
(Sorry, but all this Time wasted to face a strange obstruction for something which, normally, should be easy and simple to do, made us forget to "sign" the previous message. Now it's done).

Author Oakie
#8 | Posted: 17 Mar 2004 07:36 
I am fascinated by this thread, I do indeed hope that you find a solution and post the resolution here.

Author Team
#9 | Posted: 17 Mar 2004 10:43 
I don't know which way you have transferred your database, but transferring from one server to another is very simple (you do not need to do _install once again!):

1) Make a database dump with phpMYAdmin or whatever.
2) Re-dump database on new server.
3) Copy all forums scripts to the new server.
4) Edit setup_options and set new variables: $DBhost, $DBname, $DBusr, $DBpwd, $main_url, $Tf, $Tp, $Tt, $Tu, $Ts, $Tb [if necessary].

Author RAAN
#10 | Posted: 17 Mar 2004 22:03 
Team and Pille were right.
Here's "the resolution" Oakie :

=> A cause of problems was precisely at the "setup_options" file,
where all details on "Tables" had not been updated with absolute accuracy (a letter was lacking, not easy to note at first sight).

When this was settled, at last "MiniBB" ..resurrected !

It's a pitty that too much time was wasted before, but it's not everyday that people are led to change and move from one server to another, so it's always useful, of not necessary, to have handy and clear technical instructions available.

Thank you for insisting, (with the typical "MiniBB" style of concision and accuracy), on the rights points.

Now we can, at last, try to restore and renovate MiniBB,
even if too much time was lost, meanwhile. Let's hope that this thread might help, in future, other MiniBB fans.

Goof luck, and best wishes for MiniBB's development.

Author RAAN
#11 | Posted: 17 Mar 2004 22:07 
(It's obvious that the Time wasted pushed to write too fast the previous message, with some typing errors : Never do it on "setup_options" file !).

Author harootun
#12 | Posted: 29 Jun 2008 19:47 | Edited by: harootun 
Just wanted to report that I successfully moved my minibb forum to another server/web host. It all went very well, all the problems I had were because of my own dumb mistakes.

Only thing I want to mention, in case people run into it, is that it is sometimes difficult to transfer a large MySQL database. Had to split it up into pieces, and even then, the posts database was too large to tranfer via PHPMysqlAdmin.

If you run into this, you can use Big Dump. It's a great little utility/script that got the job done for me. Just thought I'd mention it in case other folks ever have this problem.

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#13 | Posted: 3 Jul 2008 04:56 
Big Dump is the absolute must-have when we talk about large databases, and I recommended this tool too - in this migrating questions thread. PhpMyAdmin doesn't work for big databases, that's correct.

Glad you're solved your troubles and everything is up again now :-)

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 moving / transferring miniBB to another hosting server
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