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How to save (and use) an OFFLINE copy of mbb DBase

Author Anonymous
#1 | Posted: 4 Aug 2003 19:58 
Is useful, among others : to safeguard against destructions, move/transfert to other host(s), give copies to friends, etc.

Naturally, this concerns mainly the DataBase, whiwh contains all published posts, etc. (Because for mbb set-up, it seems obvious : a simle copy of mbb's files).

Thanks for answering, whenever you can.

Author Team
#2 | Posted: 5 Aug 2003 10:25 
Use mysqldump, phpmyadmin or whatever exists for copying Db's structure - A LOT OF SOFTWARE which we are not going to duplicate in our package.

Author Mike
#3 | Posted: 5 Aug 2003 13:00 
Team, is it possible to make something for off-line browsing?

I have big DB and it will be very nice to make a CD-ROM version of forum for offline browsing and use it like present for my friends.

Author Team
#4 | Posted: 5 Aug 2003 13:07 
Unfortunatelly, can not say exactly about off-line... of course, you can copy all that stuff with no problems, but how to make EXECUTABLES for CD-ROM - I don't know...

Author Sergei
Team member
#5 | Posted: 5 Aug 2003 17:10 
you will have to burn apache installation combined with php to that CDROM, then you will have write mysql installation there and copy your mysql\data\miniBdatabase or var/lib/mysql/miniBdatabase dir depending on which operating system you're using for miniBB on your server. and after installing mysql from the cd your installation or batch file should write this dir into mysql dir on hdd.. after that users will be able to use miniBB connecting to localhost.

this is really not that hard but there're many steps and i doubt if it's worth it.

Author Mike
#6 | Posted: 6 Aug 2003 21:48 
Even if it`s dont worth it now, what will happen in 1-3-5 e.t.c. years?

All miniBB forums now yong, but it is only begining. For example i already have 6000 valuable messages (after 6 months) and rates are increasing.

I`m sure offline option will be very usefull for many people soon. You will help very much team, if you spend a little time to make more detailed instruction (for non-programmers), or if it possible - to make example .bat-file!

Thank you!

Author Sergei
Team member
#7 | Posted: 7 Aug 2003 00:14 
nope, it's not possible to make one bat file ;) due to the variety of operating system miniBB is running on. Instructions, yes, maybe.. but actually it's forum administrator duty to maintain, back-up and keep track of the forums ;) Who knows what will happen in 5 years? :) Well maybe by that time we'll release something which will move all old forums into "archived".


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