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Displaying recent discussions of a certain forum on the threads page

Author feuman
#1 | Posted: 18 Nov 2008 06:23 

How can i display a number of actual discussed topics in the template? what is the variable for this? Currently i do this with an rss feed, but i would like to have only the topics of the actual forum... Is this possible?

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#2 | Posted: 18 Nov 2008 08:14 
I guess you should take a look at our 1st page news add-on (if I understood the problem properly - if not, please explain it different way).

Author feuman
#3 | Posted: 18 Nov 2008 08:28 
Hi Paul

Can i call the Include with a Parameter to display only Messages from a particular Subforum?

Check this: http://www.ignoranz.ch/forum/4_0.html on the right hand side below the Ad, are some Links to topics called "Aktuelle Themen". Actually thats a parsed RSS Feed. But i would like to have only messages from the actual Subforum (#4)... This should be dynamic in every Forum...

Best Regards

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#4 | Posted: 18 Nov 2008 12:17 
I don't quite understand - why do you need to duplicate topics on the same forums page? I think if you care of SEO this is not really correct approach.

In your case I also don't understand by which criteria "Aktuelle Themen" are selected/sorted?

I think, in general, this could be a very simple add-on to bb_plugins.php (yet custom), but only if I know the algorithm to display such topics there.

Author feuman
#5 | Posted: 19 Nov 2008 03:08 
Hi Paul

Sorry, was a bad example. Its especially for the detail Pages, e.g: http://www.ignoranz.ch/forum/6_3182_20.html
Its not an SEO issue, its more for the users, to see whats also in the actual subforum.

regards sandro

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#6 | Posted: 19 Nov 2008 03:40 | Edited by: Paul 
I think you could put in bb_plugins.php kind of that code (then put {$list} in your template):

if($td=db_simpleSelect(0, $Tt, 'topic_title, topic_id', 'forum_id', '=', $forum, 'topic_id DESC', 10)){
$list.="<li><a href=\"12_{$td[1]}_0.html\">{$td[0]}</a></li>";

I didn't test it so it's in your own hands to make it happen ;-)

Author feuman
#7 | Posted: 19 Nov 2008 05:01 
Wow, great. Thanks.

Thats it, two little things:

1) The sorting is the wrong way around, the oldest is on top.
2) Would be nice to give a limit of items. atm i think it displays all of them, its a little too much... :-)

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#8 | Posted: 19 Nov 2008 05:15 
I have updated the code above, now sorted by newest topics first and limited to 10.

Author feuman
#9 | Posted: 19 Nov 2008 05:53 
Great, works well. Thank you very much.

Author kuopassa
#10 | Posted: 21 Feb 2009 09:18 | Edited by: kuopassa 
A little update for this code which Paul kindly presented is this:

$list.="<li><a href=\"12_{$td[1]}_0.html\">".substr($td[0], 0, 50)."</a></li>";

This should be injected to the original code. This will just cut away too long link text if it's longer than 50 characters. I don't yet know how to add a suffix (like hellips) to the link text, but maybe later. :-)

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