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Massive BBCode-Errors

Author Indyaner
#1 | Posted: 23 Mar 2007 05:24 

I downloaded and installed the latest Version (2.0.3a 15-Jan-2007) of minibb.
After I setup for hours the look of the forum I make some testposts. For my suprise I found out that there are some strange problems with the BBCodes.

When I write an URL with or without [url=X]TEXT[/url] he do nothing. The BBcode for Strong, Italic and Unterline works fine. But the URL-Thing is strange. I look up in the this Forum if this is a know behavior. I google around. Then i opened the bb_codes.php and check if there is something wrong with the Expressions (Because I've added the CODE-Addon for BB, so maybe this was the problem that I've shot down some nesseary lines). I found out that there are also expressions for [FONT] and something. But this he denied either. Then I checked the Database. I found out that the Posts have no [URL]-Tag when they were submittet to the Database.

For the last test, I've instaled another miniBB 2.0.3a fresh out of the box without any modifications or addons. I came out that there is no URL-RegExp-Parsing too. So... last hope... this Forum.

Any Ideas?

You can find the board here:


Author Paul
Lead Developer
#2 | Posted: 23 Mar 2007 05:31 | Edited by: Paul 
It's a feature. Read suggested in the same thread. I see many people do not understand why it happens (i.e. why NOTHING happens).

Author Indyaner
#3 | Posted: 23 Mar 2007 05:54 
OK, i take everything back. Your Code works better than my brain=)

But, its a realy nasty feature. Is there a way to disable it? Or a plugin to setup a list fo users who are trustworth-BB-User?


Author Indyaner
#4 | Posted: 23 Mar 2007 05:56 
Found it in the Linkes thread already...

isset($GLOBALS['user_num_posts']) and $GLOBALS['user_num_posts']>5

Author tom322
Active Member
#5 | Posted: 23 Mar 2007 11:02 
You have your point, but thanks to this feature I sleep better at night (you'll know what I mean when your board gets busier ;).

Author Anonymous
#6 | Posted: 5 Apr 2007 14:13 

Author Anonymous
#7 | Posted: 5 Apr 2007 14:15 
Sorry guys it was test. Why links dont work?

Author Paul
Lead Developer
#8 | Posted: 5 Apr 2007 14:28 | Edited by: Paul 
Sorry guys it was test. Why links dont work?

because... They work actually.

This option has been separated in 2.0.4.

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